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March 12, 2024

January 2024 Annual Impact Report



Hulo is pleased to publish its first Annual Impact Report! 

This report presents the first measured results of hulo’s activities, which are overall beyond expectations, with demonstrated average overall savings of 15% and a consistent quality increase through four operational Joint Procurement Initiatives (JPIs). 

It also shares: 

  • hulo’s impact measurement methodology. 
  • Key insights resulting from data analysis on humanitarian logistics collaboration. 
  • Main challenges to value creation through new ways of working across organisations. 

This is a real paradigm shift for humanitarian logistics and an important step in establishing the hulo approach as the new standard for the community. A big thank you to all hulo members and participating organisations, as well as to hulo’s donors supporting this essential initiative! 

Together, we are stronger.

Read the Annual Impact Report here.

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