Business Analytics and Research (BAR)

Access supply chain data analytics.

What is the Business Analytics and Research Department (BAR)?

Hulo works with members and participating organisations to assess their operational and strategic needs. To accompany organisations, the cooperative created a department dedicated to data analysis and expertise, the Business Analytics and Research department (BAR). This department treats the logistics data of member organisations, offers them tools, and provides sectoral analysis.

We accompany participant organisations in conducting in-depth data analysis to evaluate their needs to improve their approaches to procurement. Unique in the humanitarian sector, the BAR provides a novel approach that aims to provide pertinent analysis to support resource pooling initiatives.

How BAR works

You can contact the BAR to receive more information on opportunities for research and analysis.

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Contact our hulo representative in one of our countries of intervention.


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Share you logistics data and benefit from our analytical support.


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Impact management

Receive the follow up report and impact evaluation completed by hulo teams.


Develop your BI

Hulo provides you with a BI environment and accompanies you in the creation of your professional dashboards.

Other actions

Hulo has developed multiple solutions to facilitate your operations wherever they are in the world. As the first humanitarian shared-services cooperative, our services are open to all organisations globally & locally.

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