Joint Initiatives

Joint Initiatives aim to integrate collaborative thinking into procurement, transportation, HR, logistics and environmental initiatives.

By helping humanitarian actors act together on their supply chain and operations, hulo helps organisations find more effective and sustainable solutions in an ever-changing environment. 
Members and participants learn from each other and act as a catalyst for change in the humanitarian supply chain and better respond to humanitarian needs.

Joint Procurement Initiatives (JPIs)

Procurement represents a significant share of financial commitments in humanitarian programs. While each humanitarian organisation has its own way of approaching procurement, a majority of procedures and processes are similar between organisations. Joint Procurement Initiatives help all willing organisations jointly identify the best approach towards a given market (products or services). 

By combining procurement expertise and purchasing power, hulo’s coordinated approach generates savings, increases procurement quality, and streamlines procurement processes for all participating organisations. Hulo’s Joint Procurement Initiatives enable participants to make sound, efficient choices for their activities and operations. Following a JPI, hulo provides all participants with Power BI data visualisations to measure the savings and impacts on their project.

Joint Human Resources Initiatives (JHRIs)

As organisations lack time to identify needs, locate funding, and hire staff members, they may not always be able to engage logistics experts to their full capacities. Numerous organisations have similar professional needs in the same domains, creating opportunities for sharing expertise among peer organisations.

To avoid effort duplication and allow the best use of funds, hulo facilitates the collaborative definition of needs and the contracting process of experts needed in countries of intervention through Joint Human Resources Initiatives. By helping organisations jointly engage experts to address their shared needs, hulo further strengthens synergies between actors and provides tailored services for participants. 

Joint Environmental Initiatives (JEIs)

Humanitarian activities affect the environment, and climate change and environmental challenges also impact the quality of humanitarian response. However, the cost of an environmental transition in the sector is currently higher than inaction; limited resources, unchanged mindsets as well as a lack of innovation, knowledge-sharing, organisation, and coopetition are also blocking innovation.

JEIs help organisations to make their environmental ambitions operational. Hulo proposes common and concrete solutions for the collection and disposal of waste, the integration of sustainable purchasing in calls for tender, creating tools to implements ECHO’s Minimal Environmental Requirements and Recommendations (MERRs), and other projects to come.

Hulo shares its experiences by collaborating actively with environmental forums, such as the WREC and the REH, to enrich shared tools and to make the environmental transition for the humanitarian sector concrete and deliverable.

Joint Transport Initiatives (JTIs)

Joint Transport Initiatives involve systematically pooling local transportation needs for cargo or people. These initiatives aim to optimise the use of transportation in the field, such as for passengers (car pooling) or for freight (flight sharing or helicopter operations).

Hulo works with a network of partners to develop new opportunities to respond to humanitarian access challenges. Fleet Forum’s membership within hulo also helps us facilitate innovative transport approaches that are more environmentally-friendly and effective.

How JIs work

To join a Joint Initiative, get in contact with your local Country Coordinator to learn more about opportunities that are available and to propose new ideas for collaboration.

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Monitoring and impact

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Other actions

Hulo has developed multiple solutions to facilitate your operations wherever they are in the world. As the first humanitarian shared-services cooperative, our services are open to all organisations globally & locally.

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