Together we are Stronger

The first humanitarian cooperative connecting actors and pooling resources to optimize logistics & supply chain


Together we are Stronger

The first humanitarian cooperative connecting actors and pooling resources to optimize logistics & supply chain

How can I increase the impact of humanitarian operations ?

Humanitarian needs are increasing at an alarming rate while funding is failing to keep pace.
With supply chain expenditure of more than €6bn yearly across the main actors of the aid sector, there is a duty to maximise efficiency, reduce the environmental impact and remove duplications.
We believe that the humanitarian sector is at a turning point in how it manages its resources, we must change our ways of working and innovate “together”.

To succeed, we created Hulo, the first shared-service & data-driven cooperative designed by aid organisations for aid organisations.

Who we are

To accomplish their missions, aid organisations perform the same tasks and meet the same challenges. It makes us compete on the wrong ground : the supply chain. While some levels of competition are important to preserve the diversity of actors and foster continuous improvement, it is also imperative that collaborative practices are developed simultaneously to make logistics more efficient.

The concept of helping each NGO deliver its HUmanitarian aid through a more efficient united LOgistics became obvious. Say hello to Hulo!


The Reseau Logistique humanitaire (RLH) was created as a consortium of INGOs wanting to increase the impact of aid through a more integrated logistics.


World Humanitarian Summit (WHS). Key humanitarian logistics publication “Delivering in a moving world…looking to our supply chains to meet the increasing scale, cost and complexity of humanitarian needs.


White paper publication from the RLH – Strength in numbers: Towards a more efficient humanitarian aid: pooling for logistics resources.



Business plan – Pooling Logistics for Humanitarian Aid. Define new business model introducing a mindset change in INGOs’ operational strategies. The work that the RLH has done over the years is logically leading to this next step of structured resource pooling.


European Humanitarian Airbridge for the aid sector to transport critical goods & staff during covid19 pandemic.


Creation of the first humanitarian logistics cooperative Hulo. Designed to serve other NGOs by pooling resources, coordinating actions, re-engineering the delivery of humanitarian aid for a greater and faster impact.

Our purpose

Hulo provides a structured approach to joining our supply chain with the benefits of financial savings, time savings, carbon footprint reduction, increased quality and the unique access to resources for smaller size organisations.

We aim to empower local economies, local suppliers and local actors and reduce the impact on the environment.

What we do

Hulo has developed multiple solutions to facilitate your operations wherever they are in the world. As the first humanitarian shared-services cooperative, our services are open to all organisations globally & locally.


Discover our free digital platform to share, buy & sell ressources as well as connect actors. 


Take part in our joint-initiatives in procurement, human resources & environment.


Fast and efficient shared transport solutions.


Benefit from a proven supply chain software (LINK) to digitalize your operations.


Access supply chain data analytics.

Where we work ?

The cooperative is present in the following countries, please contact our local representative to learn more and join us.

We believe in strength in numbers

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