Together we are Stronger

Hulo is the first humanitarian logistics cooperative. We connect logistics stakeholders to improve the efficiency of humanitarian aid and reduce our environmental impact by pooling resources, optimising supply chain management, and developing new Digital Solutions for today’s challenging world.

How can we increase the impact of humanitarian operations ?

Humanitarian needs are increasing at an alarming rate while funding is failing to keep pace. Climate change is a reality that is here to stay, further complexifying aid operations. As humanitarians, we have a duty to increase aid’s efficiency, reduce its environmental impact and avoid duplication of efforts.
Of the more than $55.5 billion requested for 2023 (OCHA), logistics departments are responsible for purchasing the goods and services to meet the needs of approximately 363 million people in need worldwide.
We believe that the humanitarian sector is at a turning point. We must change our ways of working to increase solidarity and the pooling of resources.

Together we can innovate and provide better, more efficient aid.

The hulo approach

Hulo provides a structured approach to save time and money, increase service quality, reduce aid’s environmental footprint and improve access to markets and expertise for humanitarian organisations.

Hulo’s approach is data- and field-driven to build collaborative and efficient solutions.

By working together, we can bring a paradigm shift for the aid sector.

What we do

We offer a variety of services for the humanitarian and logistics community. Our services are open to all organisations – be they hulo members or external participants – globally & locally.

Shared Resources

Discover our free digital platform to share, buy, and sell
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Joint Initiatives

Take part in our Joint Initiatives in procurement, human resources,
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International Joint Transport

Benefit from our quick and effective Global Joint Transport Initiatives.
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Supply Chain Management Software (LINK)

Use our Supply Chain Management software, developed by and for
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Business Analytics and Research (BAR)

Access supply chain data analytics.
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Where we work

Hulo is present in the following countries. Please follow us on LinkedIn or visit our blog to learn more.

We believe in strength in numbers

Member organisations

Participant organisations

Institutional donors

Academic, private sector, and other projects

Get involved

There are many ways to join hulo’s humanitarian logistics ecosystem. Whether you work in an international NGO, a local aid organisation, a private company, or an academic institution, you can get involved.