Shared Resources

Shared Resources is an innovative mobile application that brings together humanitarian organisations across the world to help one another. Coming in April 2024.

Our mission is to facilitate collaboration between aid organisations through a system of publications (requests and offers), advice, interactive discussions, and a directory.

Shared Resources – the upcoming tool for collaboration between organisations

Discover the exciting functionalities of Shared Resources

With Shared Resources, get access to a hub where humanitarian entities can securely publish offers and share useful information. Our platform creates a connected and dynamic community.

  • Manage profiles
    Each organisation manages their own users on the platform by creating profiles, managing authorisations, and supervising member activities on Shared Resources.
  • Publish an offer
    Users can publish ads describing their needs or offers for different categories of activities (office space, consultancy, donation, equipment, training, housing, storage, etc.)
  • Click on an offer that interests you
    Users can directly respond to offers by messaging posters from other organisations, facilitating cooperation between humanitarian actors.
  • Access advice for mutualisation and resource pooling activities
    Shared Resources provides advice and resources for best practices on resource pooling for different kinds of activities (sharing office space, equipment, or storage, etc.)

How Shared Resources works

Download Shared Resources and sign up on behalf of your organisation. If your organisation is already a member of the cooperative, it will validate your registration on the platform. If you have not yet used hulo’s tools, send us your contact information to begin working together with us.

Contact us

Reach out to hulo to inquire about and receive a demo of  Shared Resources.



Sign up on behalf of your organisation to allow your teams to use the app.


Inform your teams

Inform and support your internal teams with the help of our deployment pack.


Manage your accounts

Create accounts for your organisation’s users.


Use Shared Resources

Access a network in the field in just a few clicks through a secure and intuitive tool.


Benefit from the value-added from mutualisation

Evolve your ways of working and mutualisation initiatives within your organisation.

Other actions

Hulo has developed multiple solutions to facilitate your operations wherever they are in the world. As the first humanitarian shared-services cooperative, our services are open to all organisations globally & locally.

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